Corciano (PG) Umbria

Nestled between dark green forests and areas that have been patiently and lovingly cultivated, you can already see the slight hill on which the village of Corciano stands. Gradually as we get closer, the medieval past of the town becomes increasingly clear. In fact, the old town center is enclosed by strong defensive walls, which used to protect the inhabitants from enemy attacks. Once we pass through these defensive walls, the ancient village unfolds before our very eyes, recounting the centuries that have passed with its alleys, stairs, towers and gardens. Everything here brings the time when knights and ladies spent their lives here. This place exudes ancient appeal and has many things to see, such as the tower of Porta Santa Maria, Piazza Coragino with its well from the 16th century, the Palazzo Municipale, Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo and the Palazzo dei Priori, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta that holds the panel bearing the Assunta of Perugino and Benedetto Bonfigli's Gonfalone, which was painted in 1472, and – finally – the San Francesco Church Museum with its Gothic style. In Corciano, the past talks to you. The magic lies in knowing how to listen to it.


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