Cordovado (PN) Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Cordovado is a real gem, oozing with history and packed with stunning monuments, including a splendid castle situated in the medieval hamlet. The ancient Santuario Mariano is a fine example of Baroque art, while a 15th-century Romanesque church completes Cordovado’s offering, which is further enhanced by a beautiful and at times primordial landscape. This area provided inspiration to giants of Italian culture like Ippolito Nievo and PierPaolo Pasolini. The name Cordovado is a nod to the large farm (Curtis) near the ford over an ancient branch of the River Tagliamento, which the bishops of Concordia fortified in the 11th or 12th century, choosing the castle as their seat of power. The municipality of Cordovado has been officially recognized as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy since 2004. Furthermore, on the first Sunday of every September since 1986, the town holds a fascinating historical re-enactment known as the Palio dei Rioni.


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