Dolceacqua (IM) Liguria

The area around the medieval town of Dolceacqua is charming and sweetly scented, with the fruit of the land itself having made the small town famous over the years. The narrow alleyways crisscross one another, leading visitors to the ruins of the Castello dei Doria, which dominates the landscape from its perch on top of the hill. In the center of town, the ancient homes, stone arches and darkened alleyways create a unique atmosphere, one that captured the imagination of Claude Monet, who dedicated four canvases to Dolceacqua. Yet this town is also famous for its first-rate products, including Riviera Ligure DOP oil and, above all, Rossese Dolceacqua DOC, a super red wine with a smooth, aromatic, sweet flavor. If you’d like to discover the secrets of this dark red nectar, visit the Enoteca Regionale della Liguria, situated at the foot of the castle.


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