Fara San Martino

Fara San Martino (CH) Abruzzo

Fara San Martino is the town of water and pasta. It lies in the heart of Majella National Park, close to the Verde River. The town, which dates back to medieval times, is elegant and well maintained. Worth visiting are the historic district of Terra Vecchia, reached via the Porta del Sole; the Museo Naturalistico (Nature Museum); and the visitor center at Majella National Park. But the wildest beauty is further afield. To discover nature in all its glory, visit the source of the Verde River, with its crystal-clear waters, and the gorges of St. Martino, so rugged and imposing that they strike fear in the heart of anyone who sees them for the first time. Meanwhile, at the heart of the region's identity and traditions is pasta. Here, thanks to the town's pure spring water, the pasta is superb. Indeed, Fara San Martino is an important center for large-scale and artisanal production.


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