Fermignano (PU) Marche

The birthplace of famous Renaissance architect Donato Bramante, to whom the Contemporary Art Gallery of the same name is dedicated, Fermignano is a small town famous for its ancient history. Founded by the Romans, the town was the scene of the Battle of the Metaurus, which saw the defeat of the Carthagian army led by Hasdrubal Barca: legend has it that Hasdrubal was buried in this very place, on the hill of Montelce, and that his tomb was visited by Montaigne, Giacomo Leopardi and Giovanni Pascoli. More recent history, on the other hand, is brought to life with two events held in the town: the Palio della Rana and the Gran Premio del Biciclo Ottocentesco, historical re-enactments that recount the history of this lively and modern town.


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