Finalborgo, Finale Ligure (SV) Liguria

Finalborgo is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. As soon as you arrive, you are struck by its perfectly preserved medieval center. Indeed, the village has been able to maintain its beauty despite a complicated history. The capital of the Marquisate of Carretto from the 13th century, Finalborgo endured hundreds of years of battles, war, defeats and rebuilding jobs. The consequence of this was that the village took measures to keep its inhabitants safe, with the imposing walls built for that purpose still visible today. Finalborgo welcomes its visitors with silent reservation, yet its elegant beauty is undeniable: the village will steal your heart if you take the time to discover its soul. The local craftspeople have preserved the traditions and attention to detail of times gone by, with six workshops teaming up to create the “Handmade in Finalborgo” brand, which produces quality products including resin jewelry, arts of fire, sculptures, decorations, ceramics and macramé necklaces.


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