Follina (TV) Veneto

Follina stands in the heart of a green valley, surrounded by woods, springs, and vineyards, in a beautiful historical setting that captivates visitors at first sight. However, it is only upon entering the village that we discover its true essence, among its buildings and traces of ancient history. Its symbol is the abbey of Santa Maria, one of the most beautiful religious buildings in Veneto, which has always been a place of faith and pilgrimage. The abbey was built by the Cistercian monks between 1305 and 1335 over an earlier Benedictine building dating to the 12th century. It is an artistic, traditional, and spiritual treasure. The monks themselves began processing wool here, giving rise to an activity that brought wellbeing and fame to the area and is re-enacted each year with “La Via della lana”, an event that tells the story of this material and its link with the village.


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