Fornelli (IS) Molise

When the light of the setting sun tints the tops of the Mainarde mountains pink and the wind shakes the leafy branches of the trees, Fornelli turns into a truly magical place, a scene plucked straight from a poetic and wondrous tale. With a history that harbors tales of maidens and knights and bloody battles, the village still retains its ancient charm in the medieval traces visible in the city walls, in its architecture and in its seven towers. The heart of the village and the place where medieval stories and ambience merge, is the Palazzo Baronale (Baronial Palace) with its round towers and the appearance of a stern sentinel, softened by various Baroque details. Interesting fact: in the square overlooked by the Church of San Michele Arcangelo there is a fountain dedicated to Summer which is actually a copy of the sculpture that Mathurin Moreau exhibited at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1855.


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