Giulianova (TE) Abruzzo

The history of Giulianova is lost in ancient times. Founded as a Roman settlement, today it's divided into Giulianova Alta, the old town founded in the fifteenth century on top of a hill, and Giulianova Lido, which lies beside the sea, and which grew up in the twentieth century largely due to the presence of the fishing harbor. The fishing tradition is strong here, and the fish is exported to a number of other regions. The harbor lies at the heart of this activity. Its position is also symbolic, being right in the center. Here, the same spectacle is played out every day: the comings and goings, the fish unloaded to be sold or transported elsewhere, the seagulls that circle overhead waiting for scraps of food. Tales of the sea are to be found at the heart of everything. They're always the same but somehow always different.


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