Grottole (MT) Basilicata

Grottole sits in the middle of a magnificent setting, between the Basento and Bradano rivers, and its territory is part of the San Giuliano Regional Nature Reserve, an oasis of panoramic beauty to be explored, immersing yourself in a silent and enchanting world. Outside the old town, sat on a hill, is the Castle, with its central tower and ancient lookout post protecting the town. In the heart of the town, on the other hand, worth seeing are the imposing and mysterious remains of the Church of San Luca and San Giuliano, commonly known as Church Diruta: its ruined appearance is striking and captivating, as if holding ancient and moving stories. Finally, not to be missed is the “Krùptai, Cultura, Artigianato e Tradizione” event (Krùptai, Culture, Crafts and Tradition), organized every year to promote and showcase local crafts and know-how.


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