Guardia Perticara

Guardia Perticara (PZ) Basilicata

Known by everyone as the “town of stone houses” is Perticara. Visitors to the town will be taken aback by the imposing presence of this material, which seems to have forged the town, making it a timeless place with a strong identity: perhaps this is why director Francesco Rosi chose to film some of the scenes from his film “Christ Stopped at Eboli” here. Stone is also one of the protagonists of the Archaeological Exhibition “The Archaeology of an Enotrian Town” which, through a precious collection of ceramic, bronze and amber findings, tells the story of one of the most important Italian civilizations in Southern Italy: the Enotrians, narrating the ancient roots of this land. Last but not least, not to be missed is the Patron Saint Festival dedicated to S. Nicolò Magno, during which ancient customs, rites and spiritual practices, unchanged over the centuries, play out, creating an evocative and moving atmosphere.


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