La Morra

La Morra (CN) Piemonte

The view is the best feature of La Morra, a town that still bears the stamp of medieval times. From Piazza Castello in the heart of the town you can look out across the valleys and verdant hills toward the Langhe and the Alps. In the old town, the main sights to take in are the bell tower, built in 1710 on the ruins of the ancient castle, and the parish church of San Martino, built at the end of the seventeenth century to the design of Michelangelo Garove. Visitors shouldn't miss the opportunity to taste the local produce, accompanied by a glass of good wine. Gastronomic tradition is deeply rooted here, and it underpins the concept of hospitality. It’s no coincidence that the most popular event here is the "Mangialonga," a four-kilometer hike around vineyards and farms with plenty of culinary stops along the way.


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