Lizzano (TA) Puglia

A village of land and sea, famous for its high quality agricultural products, Lizzano preserves a very strong connection with the traditional rural culture. It is well known for its PDO wine, called Lizzano like the village itself. For centuries, the village hosted Byzantine monks, who left their spiritual and artistic footprint in many parts of the area. One example is the Rupestrian Crypt of Annunziata, located at about one kilometre from the historic centre. The crypt is still an important destination for pilgrims, like it used to be in the Middle Ages. On the coastline there is the beautiful Marina di Lizzano: golden sand, low cliffs and dunes covered in Mediterranean Scrub characterises the coastline for about 7 km, offering a place where people can take in all the beauty of the sea in peace and quietness.


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