Salve (LE) Puglia

The village of Salve, whose beach is known as “the Maldives of Salento” for its crystal-clear water and fine sand, has a characteristic that makes it unique: it is located on the countryside, perched on a hill, and its centre…is actually in the suburbs! Here are towers and elegant palaces, visitors can admire the main church, that hosts the oldest organ in Apulia, dating back to 1600, as well as the courtyard of Palazzo Ceuli, the symbol of the village with its arches, loggias and balconies. Outside the village there are many examples of rural art, such dry-stone walls, “furneddhi” and masserie. The marinas follow the rhythm of the sea: fishermen’s villages that represent the heart of this territory, with the traditional work of fishermen and the smell of the sea pervading the air.


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