San Ginesio

San Ginesio (MC) Marche

A Medieval town enclosed by an extensive circle of walls, the ancient walkways, embrasures and towers of which have been preserved intact, San Ginesio lies in the National Park of Mount Sibillini, on slightly elevated ground from which you see all the way from Conero to the Appennine Mountains. With a contest held between its four districts – Porta Ascarana, Offuna, Picena and Alvaneto – every year in August the town remembers its Medieval roots with the Palio di San Ginesio, which kicks off “Medievalia” week, during which the streets of the town are filled with Medieval stalls, taverns, and re-enactments, in engaging and enjoyable celebrations of the past. Buildings and monuments located in the old town may not be accessible following the 2016 earthquake: for up-to-date information contact the tourism helpline at the following email address: numeroverde.turismo@regione.marche.it.


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