San Pietro Avellana

San Pietro Avellana (IS) Molise

Nowhere is it truer than in San Pietro Avellana that it is not just big cities that possess a wealth of stories, traditions, art and culture from the past. Situated in an area of outstanding beauty and unspoilt scenery, this small village is full of fascinating artistic and architectural treasures. Worth visiting are the Parish Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul, the church of Sant'Amico in Sant’Amico forest and the Cyclopean walls built in the Samnite era. Equally interesting are the Leopoldo del Re astronomic observatory and planetarium with its domed sky studded with 20,000 heavenly bodies. San Pietro Avellana is home to an excellent cuisine famed for its use of precious white truffle, and the place where ancient artisan traditions like weaving have survived over the centuries, producing beautiful multi-colored blankets using traditional techniques and methods.


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