San Vito Chietino

San Vito Chietino (CH) Abruzzo

The sea is at the heart of everything in San Vito Chietino. You can smell it from the narrow streets of the town center, admire it from the beach, and hear it when you find yourself on the jetty in the evening strolling along beside the waves with the seagulls calling overhead. Here, in the town in which Gabriele D'Annunzio sought refuge for long periods of time, no one can be unmoved by the beauty of the coast of Trabocchi, with its sand or pebble beaches, breathtaking views and salty air. The town, perched on a cliff, tells the story of its medieval past through the remains of its defensive wall and beautiful churches. Today, though, the sea is the main attraction; a sea that isn't just about holidays but about life, existence and identity.


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