Sante Marie

Sante Marie (AQ) Abruzzo

Sante Marie is a small town set in an area of great natural beauty and rich in culture, art and gastronomy. Surrounded by chestnut woods and bounteous land, it takes advantage of having the best quality cooking ingredients to hand, in particular the mushrooms and truffles which grow in its woods. In the town itself there are two places of particular cultural interest – and not the ones you might expect, which makes them all the more special. The first is a museum exhibition on banditry which uses documents, photos, letters and weapons of the time to illustrate the phenomenon that colored the history of the region. The second is the Multimedia Museum of Astrophysics, a journey into the world of science and the cosmos. Sante Marie is a town that knows how to astonish its visitors. It’s a great place to discover, and one you’ll talk about for many years to come.


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