Sassocorvaro (PU) Marche

Nestled in the Appennine Mountains, the town of Sassocorvaro sits by the artificial Mercatale Lake, and is surrounded by rolling hills. The heart and soul of the town is the Ubaldinesca Fortress, a fortification which rises up from the center of the town and was built by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, a military architect and engineer who served Duke Federico of Montefeltro. The castle, a national monument, has a distinctive turtle-like layout, and was designed in this strange shape to resist attack from bombards, the “new” weapons of the era. But the castle’s history doesn’t end there: during the Second World War, it was used to hide important works of art from the Germans, going on to inspire the “Arca dell’Arte - Premio Rotondi” event, which every year awards the “contemporary saviors” of the most significant pieces of cultural heritage.


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