Scanzano Jonico

Scanzano Jonico (MT) Basilicata

Scanzano Jonico, as the name suggests, is a town in Basilicata overlooking the Ionian Sea, a town set in a natural landscape of stunning beauty, with its long and sandy beaches and clear sea so blue it will take your breath away. It is for the very charm of its landscape that Scanzano was chosen to film the last scene of the film “Basilicata Coast to Coast:, which recounts the intimate and genuine beauty of this mountainous and nautical place. Scanzano is also a town of art and culture, with the Palazzo Baronale and the proximity of Matera, European capital of culture in 2019, but first and foremost it is a coastal town. Indeed, it is home to the only lighthouse in the whole of Basilicata, a symbol of life on the waves, the certainty of seafarers and a refuge for sailors.


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