Scurcola Marsicana

Scurcola Marsicana (AQ) Abruzzo

On the slopes of Mount San Nicola lies Scurcola Marsicana, a town that welcomes travelers with the beauty of its surroundings, its ancient traditions and above all the genuine hospitality of its people. The mountain scenery around the town has a bewitching beauty, while within the town the places not to be missed are: Castello Orsini, which speaks of the town’s medieval past; the Necropolis of Piani Palentini, which tells the story of the area’s even older and more mysterious past; the elegant, well-preserved town center, and the hamlet of Cappelle dei Marsi. Finally, there are the unique, intensely moving performances that take place at Easter time: the Last Supper, which represents Jesus’s last meal with the disciples, and Calvary or the Way of the Cross, a very moving procession that involves four confraternities and the entire population.


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