Sellano (PG) Umbria

Sellano stands atop a predominately clay-rich hill, surrounded by the typical landscape of the Umbrian Subappennines, within a generous area with an abundance of springs. With your eyes taking in these charming forests and water courses, you arrive to the town center, a little gem made up of architecture and history, tradition and art. Strolling through the village and becoming enveloped in the serenity that permeates the air, you will be able to admire extremely fine buildings like the Palazzo Comunale, which preserves frescoes dating back to the 16th century, the Church of San Francesco and the Church of Santa Maria, which is home to the remains of Beato Jolo, a hermit that lived between the 13th-14th century, who today is the town's patron. There are also pretty little hamlets in the surrounding areas, minuscule gems that just have to be visited, with their castles and works of art. That's not to mention the food and wine that is sure to reign supreme over the trip – Umbria welcomes its visitors with intense flavors, dishes to try and wines to be tasted. Out of them all, there is one real star of the cuisine: prized Umbrian black truffle, with its aromatic scent that enhances and makes unique any dish it is in. Following on from the 2016 earthquake, to receive information in real time on the possibility of entering the town and buildings, please contact the Tourist Information Center – the IAT of Foligno – tel. +39 0742 354459 – +39 0742 354165 info@iat.foligno.pg.it


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