Silvi (TE) Abruzzo

Silvi lies between the hills and the sea, and these two features best define it: on one side, the green of the hills, a place steeped in nomadic tradition. It's thought that the place's name is derived from a temple dedicated to the god Silvanus, the Roman protector of shepherds and their flocks, and on the other side the coast, with the comings and goings of the waves, its fishermen and vacationers. The town, which is of medieval origin, lies on the ancient site of Castrum Silvi, a place steeped in history and full of the traces of centuries past. Before it, at once welcoming and intimidating, is the sea. Silvi offers legends, traditions and beautiful landscapes. Not to be missed is the protected area of Torre del Cerrano, a wonderfully unspoiled place. The call of the sea is eternal, and Silvi is no exception.


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