Specchia (LE) Puglia

Specchia, a municipality of Capo di Leuca, is a small and fascinating village where time seems to have come to a halt. The old houses with courtyard and the noble palaces of the centre speak of the history of the village, creating unique atmospheres, thanks also to the work of protection and valorisation of the architectural heritage and of the industrial archaeology carried out over the years. At the heart of the village there is the Castello Risolo, overlooking the main square, Piazza del Popolo. The castle has a big courtyard with a high embattled tower. The castle has been recently restored and now hosts many cultural events. It is also part of the local diffused hotel. Outside the village, the countryside enchants visitors with their expanse of olive trees. Specchia is also part of the Itinerary of The Routes of Olive Oil thanks to its renowned production of this Important product.


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