Subiaco (RM) Lazio

Immersed in the Natural Park of the Simbruini Mountains, in the intense green of its forests and the majesty of the rocks, lies Subiaco, the birthplace of Benedictine monasticism. The town dates back to Nero’s legendary decision to have his villa built here, the ruins of which can still be seen to this day. But the town is above all the focal point of the Way of Saint Benedict: indeed, here lived Saint Benedict of Nursia, who founded no fewer than 13 monasteries here, some of which can still be seen to this day. Not to be missed among these is Sacro Speco, dug out of the rock and rich in frescoes: perfect for admiring its beauty are the evocative trails carved out of the mountain, which you can follow until you end up in front of a moving portrait of Saint Francis, the only one to show him alive and without his halo.


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