Tellaro, Lerici (SP) Liguria

Tellaro is a beautiful village set on the water’s edge. Situated just a few kilometers from Lerici, Tellaro is accessible by a spectacular road overlooking the sea, giving visitors a sneak peek of the wonders they can expect once they arrive. For the walkers, trails run from the villages high in the mountains towards the sea, offering up gorgeous views. The village itself is populated by colorful houses built on rocks on the water, with everything seemingly influenced by the slow rhythm of the sea. Don’t miss the atmospheric Chiesa di San Giorgio with its ancient pink facade, situated on a rock surrounded by the waves. The legend behind the church is every bit as fascinating as the building itself: it is said that one night, a giant octopus latched onto the bell rope, causing them to ring out and warn the people of the approaching Saracens. Also worth a visit is the Natale Subacqueo [Underwater Christmas], when the statute of the Baby Jesus emerges from the water – transported by divers – surrounded by over 8000 tiny lights. It is an intensely beautiful spectacle sure to give you goose bumps.


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