Trani (BT) Puglia

The soul of the town of Trani is best represented by the sea, which has always written its history and left a sign on the faces of its people. Trani is known as “the pearl of the Adriatic Sea”, and every corner testifies the strong connection between the town and the sea. The Cathedral, for instance, is on the seafront, as if it were stretching out to the blue expanse of the water. The historic centre is an amphitheatre in white stone looking towards the coast. The town’s port, the beating heart of Trani with its endless activities, the fish market, the sea life made of the flight of seagulls and traditional gestures, voices that have the soft cadence of the sea waves. Here life buzzes on, interwoven with the life of the sea. Here is where locals and foreigners meet at night, in the small restaurants and typical bars and cafés-. Because life is conceivable only near the sea.


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