Treia (MC) Marche

Treia is an ancient Marchesian town, the name of which is taken from the goddess Trea-Jana, a Greek-Sicilian goddess who was revered in the area in times gone by. At the center of the town, not to be missed is Piazza della Repubblica, adorned on three sides by the Accademica Georgica, the Town Hall which is home to the Municipal Museum, and the Cathedral, one of the largest in the region. Visitors passing through Treia during the Easter period are in for a treat: they simply must try calcione, which is produced in the town’s traditional ovens and has a distinctive sweet and salty taste. It is made with slightly sweetened puff pastry filled with an egg, pecorino cheese, sugar and oil mix and cut open on top to allow the filling to ooze out during cooking, creating its characteristic decoration. Every year in May a festival is held in honor of this product.


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