Trevi (PG) Umbria

We meet the village of Trevi in an area that is lush with olive groves and awash with beauty. It greets us with its display of testaments to its history, such as the massive defensive walls, which date back to the Roman period and were built in the 1st century B.C. and the medieval traces, such as Porta del Bruscito, Porta del Cieco, Porta San Fabiano and the Arco del Mostaccio. However, nature is never far away and returns to steal the scene as soon as we look out from the walls to the surrounding countryside and find ourselves immersed in olive groves. Here a walk along the lovely tree-lined road takes us back to the earth, an ancient and powerful element, and its generosity. This Civilization of the Olive Tree also has a museum dedicated to it (located in the Convent of San Francesco). Lastly, we have a rarity: the oldest olive tree in the Umbria region is found in the hamlet of Bovara, 1700 years old and standing 9 meters tall, legend tells it that in 304 the patron saint was tied to it and killed.


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