Urbisaglia (MC) Marche

Urbisaglia is a small town surrounded by walls, near which you can still see signs of an ancient Roman city, which is mapped out in the Urbs Salvia archaeological park. This park covers approximately 40 hectares and is the biggest and most spectacular in Marche. Testimony to the area’s prestigious past, it has an itinerary that goes down the hill and gives visitors a glimpse of the structure of the Roman city which, starting from San Biagio, peters out into the depths of the valley. Attractions in the park include the Reservoir, the Theatre, the Edificio a Nicchioni (lit. Building with large niches), the Temple and cryptoporticus dedicated to Salus Augusta, and the Amphitheatre ordered by Lucio Flavio Silva. More recent history, on the other hand, is visible in the nearby Cistercian Abbey of S. Maria di Chiaravalle di Fiastra, which houses the Museum of Peasant Civilization, the Archaeological Museum, and the Museum of Wine.


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