Vallo di Nera

Vallo di Nera (PG) Umbria

Located on top of a hill where the Valnerina opens up and surrounded by the typical mountains of the Umbrian landscape, to this day the village of Vallo di Nerina is still entirely surrounded by walls and towers. Entering into the historic center, you immediately notice how the medieval urban layout has remained practically intact, with its narrow, winding alleys topped by arches, the stone houses and the buildings that still seem to be from another time. The heart of the town, its oldest part, is flanked by the 15th-century village of Santa Maria and, outside its walls, by the village of Casali, the 16th-century expansion of the Castle. The Church of Santa Maria with its fine frescoes, the Church of San Giovanni Battista and the Church of Santa Caterina are must-sees. Outside the town there is still the landscape to admire and explore, made up of lush green forests, paths and tiny towns that have a rare idyllic quality. Following on from the 2016 earthquake, to receive information in real time on the possibility of entering the town and buildings, please contact the Tourist Information Center – the IAT of Cascia – tel. +39 0743 71147 – +39 0743 71401 info@iat.cascia.pg.it


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