Varese Ligure

Varese Ligure (SP) Liguria

Situated in the Alta Val di Vara, the town of Varese Ligure is a place where the past is interwoven with the present, a combination which gives the town a fascinatingly unique identity. The center of Varese Ligure is packed with traces of its medieval past, particularly the portico-lined central square, which was once surrounded by shops. Every detail here is perfectly preserved, painting a clear picture of the town this once was. Yet Varese Ligure is also a town living in the present. It was one of the first areas in Italy to begin investing in authenticity, obtaining organic certification for its meat and milk and developing green energy strategies. One of the factors linking the past, present and future of Varese Ligure is nature: unspoiled, almost wild, waiting to be discovered at a leisurely pace.


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