Vasto (CH) Abruzzo

Vasto has always been a sea town, and throughout history it has been a greatly respected seafaring power. While the ancient heart of the town is home to impressive architectural features such as the Castello Caldoresco (symbol of the town's medieval history), the cathedral and the Palazzo d'Avalos, which houses several museum collections, to discover the true identity of Vasto one must head to the sea, for that's where you'll discover the true essence of this place. The enchanting story of the town is told through its beaches, inlets and nature reserves, and through the small boats that still go out to sea each day, coming home in the evening loaded with fish. And this tale is intermingled with the town's characteristic flavors: visitors should not miss the chance to try the delicious brodetto di pesce (fish broth) and the other specialties prepared using the treasures of the sea.


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