Vastogirardi (IS) Molise

Vastogirardi is a small village surrounded by a luxuriant landscape of forests, springs and reserves. “Re Fajone” (il Faggione), in the forest of Contrada San Nicola, is a 500 year-old beech tree. The ancient village lies behind the hill, on the top of which stand the Castle and the ecclesiastical complex of San Nicola di Bari. The Castle, the church and the historic village are surrounded by imposing walls which, together with the narrow winding streets and ancient buildings, reflect the hamlet’s medieval past. Well worth visiting are the architecturally harmonious buildings of the “Courts of Justice” and the Case Palazziate (noble houses) “Del Monaco”, “Marracino” and “Del Vecchio-Scocchera” that evoke a bygone age of maidens, knights and duels to the death.


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