Vieste (FG) Puglia

Vieste is a town suspended between the sky and the sea, where history and culture are interwoven. Walking through the historic centre the eye is caught by the details of the medieval past of the town, along narrow streets and ancient houses, the Castle and the Cathedral, reaching the little square Piazzetta Petrone. Here, from the Belvedere, visitors can take in the amazing view over the sea. Vieste is known as the “Pearl of Gargano” for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. Nature here is still wild and unspoiled, with it high cliffs and marine caves along the coast. The Malacological Museum of Vieste hosts a collection of over 15,000 shells from all over the world. Finally, another interesting feature of Vieste is the presence of the trabucchi, ancient fishermen shelters that tell the story of old fishing traditions, made of hard work and simple gestures. Today most trabucchi host small, picturesque restaurants, suspended upon the waters of the Adriatic Sea.


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