Viggianello (PZ) Basilicata

Lying at the foot of the Pollino massif, in Mercure Valley, is the small town of Viggianello. Surrounded by a captivating natural setting with a pretty and well-preserved old town, the town’s traditions are the real core of its essence. Events not to be missed include celebrations of the town's patron saint, San Francesco di Paola, who is celebrated with a propitiatory arboreal rite with processions, singing and dancing; the festival of the Madonna del Carmelo in August, associated with the harvest and the fertility of the fields, which involves offerings to the Virgin, rites and dancing; the Good Friday procession, when the Stations of the Cross are re-enacted in all their theatrical glory; the pilgrimage to the Madonna dell’Alto, which is held on the last Sunday in May and the first Sunday in September, and is full of spirituality and emotion.


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