Vitorchiano (VT) Lazio

The town of Vitorchiano sits in a magnificent natural setting: overhanging large round rocks and surrounded by a rich and biodiverse landscape, where visitors setting of in discovery of the forests and fields can observe wild and beautiful animals, and see the area's captivating flowers with their bright colors. The town is bewitching with its Medieval appearance, and strolling down its narrow streets, steps, outer steps, archways, and squares, and past its stone houses is highly enjoyable. The town’s cuisine is also one of its strong points, and one of its most characteristic dishes is “cavatello”, a traditional pasta made with just flour and water, and the “Vitorchianese salted anise donut”. Few are aware of this, but it may interest you to know that the town is home to the only Moai (monolithic statues from Easter Island) in Italy.


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