Vogogna (VB) Piemonte

If there are places where, upon arrival, you feel as if you have travelled back in time to find yourself back in the Middle Ages, among dueling knights and mysterious ladies gazing at you, Vogogna is definitely one of these places. Hedged in among a dense and wild natural landscape, the town is surrounded by military fortifications, and every piece of its architecture, every detail, and every perspective tells us something about its past. At one time, additional fortified walls were built, which also used to enclose a part of the town within them. Today, they have almost completely disappeared, whereas the majestic and awe-inspiring Visconteo Castle with its towers and crenellated walls is still standing, thus keeping the memory of past centuries alive. The past, however, doesn't stand still in Vogogna. Instead, it intertwines itself with the future. Right within the castle you'll find a multimedia center of national importance.


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