Zuccarello (SV) Liguria

The medieval spirit of Zuccarello is instantly recognizable as soon as you arrive in the tiny, beautiful village, which was founded in 1248 and is still dominated by the ruins of the castle of the Del Carretto family. Zuccarello is a place of narrow alleyways and ancient houses, so beautiful that it was immortalized on the cover of The Times in the 1960s. The village is eternally linked to the figure of Ilaria del Carretto, who gives her name to the trail that leads visitors from the castle to Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena. Outside the confines of the historic center, a late-medieval bridge stands across the Neva stream, after which the valley itself is named. Back in the village, don’t forget to visit the ancient workshops, with their tiny windows next to the doors. These were once used as shop displays, but now they serve to invoke the atmosphere of times gone by, transporting visitors back through the years.


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