Alessandro Manzoni

Alessandro Manzoni (Milan, 1785 – Milan, 1873) is one of the best-known Italian writers, thanks in no small part to his famous book “I promessi sposi” – The Betrothed –, considered to be symbolic of Italian literature. He was also a poet and playwright and had the considerable merit of laying the foundations for the birth of the modern novel, as well as having contributed to spreading the Italian language thanks to his work. He was senator of the Kingdom of Italy and his political commitment also influenced his poetry. In addition to his prose, he left an indelible sign on the Italian cultural scene, thanks to his theatre work and poetry. Places: in Lecco, Villa Manzoni (today the Manzoniano Civic Museum), the monument to Alessandro Manzoni, the Church of San Giovanni Battista, the Tabernacolo dei Bravi (the Tabernacle of the Good), the alleged home of Lucia Mondella, Piazza Era.

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