Andrea Cefaly

Born into an aristocratic family, Andrea Cefaly (1827-1907) was an Italian painter born in Cortale, a small town in the province of Catanzaro. His mother was a writer and musician, his father a landowner. Initially, pushed by the wishes of his parents, he took up an agricultural career, only to then give it up so he could dedicate himself solely to art. He followed Garibaldi in his ventures and then, having returned to Cortale, he founded a painting school, of which Garibaldi himself was the honorary president. His artistic production was extremely vast, from still-life paintings to literary and historical subjects, even as far as depicting scenes from the Divine Comedy. Locations: his painting school in Cortale; the Provincial Museum and the Detailed Monument of San Giovanni in Catanzaro. In the surrounding area, a trip to ancient Scylletium in the Archaelogical Park of Roccelletta in Borgia, facing the Gulf of Squillace and including a residence from the Lombard era in the nearby town of Maida, is a must.

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