Andrea Fortebraccio detto braccio da montone

“…Braccio/ … that for everything else / With wonder and terror is called thus”: this is how Alessandro Manzoni alludes to Andrea Fortebraccio, in “The Count of Carmagnola”, undoubtedly better known as Braccio da Montone (Perugia, 1368 – L'Aquila 1424), the leader and politician whose actions have rippled across time all the way to us. Soldier of fortune, poised between history and legend, he was the Governor of Bologna, Rector of Rome, Lord of Perugia, Prince of Capua, Count of Montone, Count of Foggia and the Great Constable of the Kingdom of Naples – in other words, a highly prestigious figure from the 15th century who left a long trail of historical events and evocative stories in his wake. Places: in Perugia, the Loggia di Braccio Fortebraccio, the District of Porta Sant’Angelo, Palazzo Donini, the Church of San Francesco al Prato, the Convent of Friars Minor; in Montone, the Castle, the Convent of Sant'Agnese.

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