Andrea Palladio

Andrea di Pietro della Gondola (Padua, 1508 – Maser, 1580), better known as Andrea Palladio, was an architect, architectural theorist and set designer from the Renaissance era. He was the leading architect in the Republic of Venice, designing palazzos, churches and villas. His style, which was influenced by classical and Roman principles, became a source of inspiration for many other architects and sparked a fully-fledged architectural movement known as Palladianism. The city of Vicenza, which features many palazzos by Palladio, and the Palladian villas of the Veneto region are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Places to visit: Vicenza, also known as the “City of Palladio”, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring 23 buildings designed by Palladio, including palazzos, public buildings and religious buildings; in the province of Vicenza, 16 Palladian villas.

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