Antonio Rubino

Born in Sanremo in 1880, Antonio Rubino was a draughtsman who was considered the “father” of the Corriere dei Piccoli. With a degree in Law, his studies of this subject inspired him to write poetry. In 1902 he began to devote himself to drawing, immediately putting his own personal stamp on his work that drew inspiration from Art Nouveau and flowers. He worked with the Corriere dei Piccoli from its establishment in 1908, creating more than thirty characters, including Quadratino and Pierino with his hated puppet. He was also the author of some whimsical songs. He died in Bajardo in 1964. Locations: Bajardo, Apricale, Perinaldo, Isolabona, Castelvittorio, Pigna, Camporosso, Ceriana, the most famous villages in Rubino’s works; in Sanremo, the civic museum and the Ariston theater; in Bajardo, the art gallery; in Genoa Nervi, the Wolfsoniana.

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