Bonifacio VIII

A pontiff of great historical importance, Pope Boniface VIII was referenced by both Dante who damned him to hell whilst he was still living in Canto 19 of Inferno, by Jacopone da Todi, and by Dario Fo in Mistero Buffo. Boniface forced the abdication of Celestine V and proclaimed the first Jubilee of Christianity on 22nd February 1300, but was most notably the victim of the famous Schiaffo di Anagni ("Anagni's slap"), a great insult delivered by King Philip IV of France, the Fair, who orchestrated an invasion at Agnani in an effort to imprison the Pope. However, the people of Agnani rose up against the invaders, freed Boniface and carried him out in victory. Places: in Agnani, the City of Popes, the Cathedral of St. Maria; the crypt, known as 'the Sistine Chapel of the Thirteenth Century'; the Palace of the Popes with the beautiful frescoes of the Sala delle Oche and Sala delle Scacchiere; the Town Hall; Casa Barnekow; not to forget events such as the Procession of the Medieval Quarter and the Festival of Medieval and Renaissance Theatre.

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