Camillo Sbarbaro

Camillo Sbarbaro (Santa Margherita Ligure, 1888 – Savona, 1967) was a poet and writer who composed wonderful works with crepuscular tones, particularly recalling the Montale of Ossi di Seppia (who devoted a section of his poetry collection to Sbarbaro). Like Montale, he conveyed the qualities and landscapes of his home with a sparse yet equally evocative style. After quitting his job in the steel industry, he made his living by giving Greek and Latin lessons and devoted himself exclusively to poetry, the translation of works by classical Greek and French authors, and botany, his great passion. Locations: in Santa Margherita Ligure, the multimedia museum dedicated to the poet (currently under construction); in Spotorno, the Camillo Sbarbaro study center, the plaque devoted to the poet; in Genoa, the natural history museum; the cities where he lived: Spotorno, Varazze, Savona, Genoa.

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