Carlo Levi

Born in Turin in 29 November 1902, Carlo Levi was a writer, painter, politician, anti-fascist and one of the most important artists in 20th-century Italy. His first love was painting, which stole his heart from a young age and would lead him to important recognition. Levi was first arrested for anti-fascist activities in 1934 and his second arrest a year later condemned him to exile in Basilicata, first in Grassano and then Aliano, where he would set his famous novel Christ Stopped at Eboli. He returned to Basilicata after the Second World War and chose to be buried here to remain close to the people who welcomed him. Locations: the Literary Park, Multimedia Museum of the House of Exile and the Permanent Historical Museum in Aliano; places from the film adaptation of Christ Stopped at Eboli in Craco, Perticara and Matera; Levi’s paintings in the Palazzo Lanfranchi and Carlo Levi Cultural Association Center in Matera; places he lived in during his exile in Grassano.

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