Writer, politician and 'advocate' of first century B.C. Rome, Cicero is most famously known for having been an extraordinary orator - a model for his era and for generations to come. Born in Arpino in 106 B.C., Cicero soon moved to Rome where he would study and dedicate himself to law. At barely twenty years old, he won his first case and delivered hugely important speeches including those against Verres and against Catiline, the latter of which are recounted in the Cataline Orations. His creations of works of philosophy, rhetoric, oration and letters were almost boundless. Places: in Arpino, the monument dedicated to Cicero, the bust depicting him in the Municipal Palace, the Ciceronian Symposium that takes place every year. Also in Arpino, the Umberto Mastroianni Foundation, the Museum of Lutes, the Museum of Typographic Arts, the Museum of Wool and the beautiful churches.

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